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Martial arts is becoming increasingly popular in Singapore, especially with the increasingly popularity of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC). Learning a martial arts, is more than just a method of self-defence. Learning martial arts is not only fun but will also benefit you and give positive results.

Traditional martial arts, such as karate or judo, will teach you the importance of putting aside your ego and to respect your peers, as well as others in higher positions. Martial arts reinforces etiquette, respecting rules, following a code of honour. You’ll learn to show humility because one day, you’ll be in a higher position will know what it’s like to be in a lower one.

Martial arts also teaches you to set goals by setting an end in your mind. The system of earning belts helps you to focus on the aim working hard towards your goal. Upon achieving your goal, you can strive for greater results which will carry forward to your personal life.

Martial arts also help build confidence. The more you learn, and the higher your mastery, the more confident you will become. The more you accomplish, the more comfortable you will be with taking risks and stepping out of your comfort zone when faced with the unfamiliar or unknown.

And most importantly, more and more people learn martial arts for self-defence purpose. The skills you learn will not only help to protect yourself but other people as well. It will prove useful when you are met with a situation where conflict is unavoidable, and mastery of the techniques and skill will reduce the casualties and injures which would be sustained by yourself and those around you.